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Shape up and stay full longer with our delicious range of Slim Pasta. If you’re considering a diet for weight loss, try us first – we’re safe, 100% natural and come in penne, fettuccine and spaghetti variants. Since our products are composed of organic GMO-free konjac flour, we’re even safe for coeliacs and diabetics! Don’t miss out on your favourite foods…get slim!

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With our delicious range of organic konjac-based products, you can indulge in your favourite high-carb treats – minus the carbs. Choose Slim Pasta over regular pastas and watch the calories fall away!


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What our customers have to say

  • Great cooked in a sauce. Can have all my favourite pasta dishes without all the calories. Wish you could make lasagne sheets too.

  • You can still enjoy the same meal such as spaghetti bolognaise but without having to worry about the calories or carbs

    Sheryl Carter
  • I think that the slim pasta range is convenient, versatile, filling and can add to any meal. it is quick to prepare and when you get in from a long day as work you need some thing filling and quick and easy to prepare.

  • Helped me lose 5 pounds in 2 months there amazing they taste good they go with any dish they have so much flavour and you can choose any pasta you want.

  • I have lost weight with slim pasta, I can add lots of spices vegetables and chicken for a tasty meal. I feel fuller for longer too!!

  • They are an excellent pasta substitute and I would recommend them to anyone trying to lose weight. They are very filling which stops me snacking.

  • i think slim pasta is a brilliant product it is very filling when put together with vlcd food packs which stops me from feeling hungry.

  • Slim Pasta is so versatile, Good when you get the Munchies with just low calorie soup,can be Added to any meal to bulk it out. I like to add it to an instant curry sauce for a tasty addition to most meals. The rice is a good replacement for the rice with a takeaway.

  • Slim pasta is an excellent alternative to pasta or spaghetti which allows me to eat food like spaghetti bolognaise and chill con carne. I have recommended this to many of my friends and family and they love it.

  • Slim pasta means i can eat a whole pack of the noodles without feeling guilty – It also means i can eat a large enough amount to satiate my hunger without feeling guilty.

  • Great healthier alternative to carb full pasta, had a great impact on reducing my blood sugar levels and made me feel better in myself!

    Melissa lawrence
  • I feel great when I eat slim pasta. I always prepare it with some veg and soya sauce! Yummy and so guilt free! Yes, LOVE IT!

  • Slim pasta is really filling and tastes great when you mix it with sauces. Slim pasta really fills the gap where you are still hungry; however know you should not be eating a large meal as you have already eaten a lot that day.

  • I am now able to eat pasta dishes without feeling bloated and conscious of the calories as I do with normal gluten free pasta. It is also quicker to prepare.

  • slim pasta stops me missing rice and pasta, literally a lifesaver> I even eat them instead of rice noodles. I love them, though they have no taste of their own they are very filling and moreish, I love them!

  • i always enjoyed eating pasta this way i can still eat it but in taking less calories  i have told all my friends and family.

  • I think its really good if you have it incorporated into a recipe where you can use it as a carrier for the flavour, and gives you the illusion that you are eating pasta!

  • They are great as a bulking agant in meals. I can enjoy my meat and sauces in my favourite pasta recipes without worrying about gaining weight.

  • I think Slim Pasta is a wonderful product. I was waiting for something like this for years. I do not eat gluten and I think besides helping people lose weight, it is also a very healthy food. It has helped me have lower calories meals.


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