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Bonding over Fitness

10 Feb 2016, EATWATER

Valentine’s Day is coming up and hearts and roses, chocolates, candle-lit dinners and gifts come to mind. The point is to celebrate love, isn’t it? Why not do so by working out with your spouse/partner or a buddy?

Stop smoking and smell the roses

06 Jan 2016, EATWATER

We wish you all a happy and Slim 2016! The start of a new year is also resolution time. So, if you have decided to quit smoking, or know a friend or relative who wants to, you’re on the right page. We’ve put down pointers on how to beat nicotine addiction.

You are in control

28 Dec 2015, EATWATER

In a previous post we had said that it’s not just what you eat, but also how. It’s also about portion control – about using smaller-sized flatware, chewing your food thoroughly and eating slowly, so you savour your meal.

Slim for the festive season!

25 Nov 2015, EATWATER

Get set to show off your curves in that slinky dress this festive season. With simple exercises that target the problem areas.

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