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Gorge Yourself on Nature’s Multivitamin

12 Oct 2015, EATWATER

Science has found out that our parents’ parents had it right all along. Eggs are GREAT for you – in fact, they’re so full of nutrition that they’ve been dubbed Nature’s Multivitamin.

It’s not just WHAT you eat - it’s HOW!

08 Sep 2015, EATWATER

Are you sitting comfortably? We’re about to tell you how the presentation and consumption of your meal can help you shed weight!

How to keep your meals interesting

06 Aug 2015, EATWATER

How many of you have made resolutions to eat healthy, and then given up because you end up eating the same three dishes over and over and over?

Reduce, Replace, Recover!

22 Jul 2015, EATWATER

At Eat Water, we’re more in favour of moderation and eating smart. So don’t deprive yourself – just be smart about what you consume and how much.

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