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Spice up summer with Prawn & Chilli Pasta!

02 Jun 2015, EATWATER

Not all of you have Cook Yourself Slim (you can find it on our website, and get it free with some of our offers) so we’re going to share a special Cook Yourself Slim recipe on here every month! This time, ít’s our Prawn & Chilli Pasta.

Why go organic?

22 Apr 2015, EATWATER

What’s so great about organic, anyway? Why are some of your friends and lots of people on the internet going on about shifting to organic foods, organic products and an organic lifestyle? Here’s the lowdown.

​​​How to substitute gluten in common food items

03 Mar 2015, EATWATER

Going gluten-free is easy and doesn’t require much sacrifice in today’s world. Whether you’re cooking for weight-loss, just to go low-carb or because you’re sensitive to gluten, you’ll find the tips below very useful.

Why your body craves sunlight

18 Dec 2014, EATWATER

Seeing the sun break through those clouds fills most of us with a sudden sense of euphoria. Why is that, though? Because your body actually NEEDS Vitamin D to keep functioning right!

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Slim Pasta Spaghetti - No Drain No Odour